So hello there, my name is Angel, and I just started learning to play the acoustic guitar today. I have mastered the tabs and I learned a few scaled but I am looking for easy beginner songs to get me started. Any suggestions?????? Peace out!
I don't know what you would use to classify what I like. Hmmmmm Green Day, All American Rejects, Never Shout Never, ect. In the genre. But if you know anything better (another than Smoke On the Water) I would owe you one.
Warning and Macy's Day Parade are a couple of good acoustic Green Day songs to go for.
They'll get you introduced to some basic chords and strumming patters. Plus they're catchy as fuck
I have Warning, and a few songs some friends of mine suggested, but I wanted to make my practice library a little larger.
Try 'All I can Do Is Write About It' by Lynyrd Skynyrd. it would push you to become better and introduce you to some new music too. Welcome to UG!
Thanks! Oh by the way, how the hell do you put up an avatar. I feel like such a newbie asking but I can NOT figure it out.
go into the control panel and there will be a link there. Then you just have to find the avatar that you want and post the code for it.

*EDIT: The link is on the left side. Click it and it will bring up all the options.