Well, I'm getting really close to buying a new guitar, and I want it to be under 750 bucks. I play everthing from classic rock to metal and a lot of blues. Improv. solos and shredding solos is the one thing I like to do the most so I definitely want something with 24 frets and good sustain. Things I don't want is a Floyd Rose or preferrably NOT active pickups. The guitar on my mind the most is the PRS SE Custom 24. I also looked at the Epiphone LP Custom and a lot of Fender guitars on the cheaper end like the Blacktop Series. Any suggestions are appreciated.
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I think the best quality guitar with the most versatility would definitely be a PRS SE Custom 24. Then again, you may want to check out Ibanez and their range of guitars. In particular an SAS32fm? That is an awesome guitar, and because its a little on the cheaper side you.d have enough to change the pickups or whatever else you want to do to it. But, thats just what i'd check out. But, I have to say try before you buy. You can always feel the right guitar for you given a wide selection at a Guitar shop.
2nd hand American Strat?

Possibly a PRS SE tremonti?
I've seen a second hand American made PRS Mira go for around this price (well...exchange rate and everything) in England at a guitar shop
Look for a used PRS CE22/24 you can find them in the $700ish range if you really look.
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Custom 24 or shecter c-1 custom. After buying it, get dunlop strap locks, and a good leather strap. With time, i guess yyou'd change tuners by locking ones, some seymour duncan pickups and even a wilkinson/gotoh trem as you save money. Get a good amp, If you can, Marhsall mg101fx, or fender frontline stuff. Maybe blackstar combo. Just add some reverb and get your self a good overdrive channel and footwswtich, then you'll sound awesome. (For clean and overdriven tones, you don't need a high watt or a very good expensive amp. I have a 20 watt Marshall avt20 valvestate at home, and hey, it has everything i need, and a very good tone. These expensive amps are for stage, and high distortion, but there are already good amps on the stages i play, so i don't need to have my own amp.)
Look at the Ibanez RGs that DON'T have trems. I don't believe many of them have active pickups.


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Wishnevsky could probably build you a real nice guitar for about $700. might even have a truss rod in it.
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might I suggest teh PRS semi hollow custom se. I love it, sounds amazing, be it playing B.B. King/Jimi Hendrix or drop C metal. So....thats what I suggest, IMO it's better than the custom 24 se because of more versatility
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Well, thanks for confirming you know absolutely nothing about PRS guitars.
Whenever I see a "best guitar under $XXX" Thread, I always think the same thing.

Actually, I go by Dave, but there are already too many Daves on this forum.

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Don't mean to thread jack, but I've also been looking for a guitar (with the same price range) to replace my shitty Yamaha I've used since I started playing 5 years ago! Finally saved up the money, but I'm not the person to just go out and buy a guitar, gotta do some research before.

I play all types of music from classic rock to raggae, so I've been looking for something well rounded. The Yamaha I've used is a Stratocaster model, but I'm wanting for a new look. Hopefully more of a Les Paul/SG look to it.

Any suggestions? I've been considering the ESP LTD EC-401 or the PRS Tremonti.
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The bc rich zoltan bathory sigs are going for 500 bucks on ebay new and shipped. OFR, neck through, grover rotomatics, rockfield mafia pickups, coil tapping. just grabbed one and love it. they are still 899 on musicians friend.
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Probably a PRS custom 24
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ESP/LTD EC-1000 Gold Top

-24 Jumbo Frets
-Fast Neck
-Tonepros Locking Bridge & Tailpiece
-Seymour Duncan Pickups
-Locking Tuners
-$699 USD

The not as attractive Amber Sunburst model has hotter pickups (59 & JB), so that may appeal to you. They also make a sweet Vintage Black model with the 59&JB combo, but it's kind of hard to find.
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Peavey Wolfgang USA. i got mine for $450 shipped. stellar guitar. i own one with trem, one without.

really fast neck, the stock pickups are pretty damn good sounding. i find no need to replace them (although i have heard they are unbranded dimarzios but have not found solid evidence).
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Ibanez RG1451, its a prestige model made in japan with two humbuckers and a single coil in the middle and you can get some good tones by combining them. The pickups arent really amazing but you can always replace them if you want to.
Carvin. /endthread.
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My personal first choice hands down would be the ec-1000 with passives. They are insane quality guitars. I own A LOT of Ltd and ESP guitars and I have a white ec-1000 that hardly ever sees the inside of it's case. My eclipse standards are all cased up and the 1000 is played daily. If your not an ESP/LTD fan,the prs se custom is a very wise choice as well. IMHO
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Get a good amp, If you can, Marhsall mg101fx, or fender frontline stuff.

Seriously though, go used. You'll get so much more for your money. See if you can find a used Ibanez RGA121.
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Get a good amp, If you can, Marhsall mg101fx, or fender frontline stuff.

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There is no true sentence in the English language that contains the words "Marshall MG" and "good amp" without using the word "not".

The Fender Frontman series is also not very good either.

You pretty much hit the nail on the head with the other stuff though, it's just that this specific part was so wrong I couldn't help but point it out.
Actually, I go by Dave, but there are already too many Daves on this forum.

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