Hello Pit.

I have an essay due tomorrow about the Avro Arrow. I have searched and searched, and have only come up with 2 of my 3 reasons as why the plane was cancelled.

The first reason I have is that it was too expensive to continue.

The second reason I have is that the U.S. pressured Canada to buy their BOMARC-B missiles to defend against an attack, instead of using a manned plane.

I just need one more and I'm done. Anyone have any ideas? And if you do, a source would be realllly nice.

Thanks Pit.
Quote by Doctor Matthews
Third reason is Diefenbaker was an idiot.

Meh, according to the There Never Was an Arrow documentary, the Arrow program had fallen out of the Liberal's favor as well, but they deferred the cancellation decision until after elections to avoid immediate political fallout, and it eventually fell to Diefenbaker to call it. So either way, the program likely would have been chopped.