Hi guys I'm looking for a new amp and was hoping someone could help me.

I'd would preferably spend about 600 euros but will make the stretch to about 800 if it's really worth it. (I am a humble student so the less I spend the better )

the music I'll be playing is pretty much alt rock.

tone wise I'd like to go in the direction of smashing pumpkins, rhcp, nirvana, skunk anansie, qotsa, jack white. I especially love the Billy Corgan and frusciante cleans.

I love using some fuzz pedals from time to time and will probably use my boss gt-10 for other effects so the amp has to handle pedals well.

I will use the amp for band practice and gigging.

My current guitars are: fender strat, gibby les paul and fender toronado.

I hope that's enough info
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