I saw it and I wanted it.

Wading in the water, it was so nice.

It surprised me once again,

Basking in euphoria.

The evil has never ceased to evolve.

They were all still there,

Pissing away their lives away,

Souls wandering.

It was as if I was trying to hard to express empathy.

For I know what that life brings.

I know why they do it.

I know why it beckons them.

I know why it absolves them.

Trapped in a worthless existence,

A worthless memory.

Why waste life on selfish tendencies?

You can advance the mind.

Advance the time.

To find god without fear of death, nor immortality.

For we become something else,

A fragment in a vast ocean of chaos that expends all points of hedonism.

A fortified existence that creates and shapes an endless reality of co-existence.

We are all one.

We are all none.

I watch the stars, the moon, and the forest.

The forest of abyss,

Don't you ever miss.

As the earth turns and spins.

As the air creates wind.

Blown away to a place far away.

It takes a soldier to resist.

An army to dismiss.

No witness to bear the change.

A sickness not spread through blood.

Transmutable by environment.

Cause lost in a flurry of unconscious negligence.

Fired up neurons of infection.

Direction either lost or severely postponed.

No one's going to save you,

Not even you.

Hanging on an upside down cross.

Eloquent choice in times of distress.

Don't let them in,

They won't digest.

They pick at the small,

Enforce and expect weakness.

The smell of consequences does not click,

For I cannot smell shit.

Singled out and shut up quick.

Pick and point a way to function.

Go the third way at the junction.

Wake me up.

A fit progress.


Destined to be a hero.

Saving the world?

Save yourself..

Scenery testing your senses.

Blinded by hate.


Hunt for more,

Prey on others.

Enticed by violence.

Moral-less agony.

Merciless loathing.

At the point of no return.

Shall I turn back now,

Or wait my turn?

Strong and loud he faced the crowd

Until taken down and lost the crown.

When's it going to matter?

Lying awake in sweat,

I still have no found a god to meet.

But I shall compliment,

For getting half the world entrapped in bullshit.

To control half an entire race of beings.

To get them down, crawling at their knees,

Every day, Every meal.

Don't you know we are just animals?

Primal at heart,

Misplaced with a fragile part.

When you finally sleep,

You won't awaken.

You'll become one with death.

You have finally been unslaved.

Beneath a sea of travesty.

Isolate and analyze.

Think your own thoughts,

Ignore the lies.

You know what's true to you and few.
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