Abnormal thoughts.

Circled, false plots.

Action never taken.

Words not spoken.

Wind's gust, an elaborate chill.

Dawn's lust, a movement, still.

Art of all forms displayed in the light.

Arterial. Ethereal. Searching through the blight.

Gods collide, each accoladed in their ascribed penitence.

Souls provide allegiance as the macabre slaughter

Consists of blind peons,

Trying to attribute meaning to their ignorant cause.

War in the name of the holy.

A divine plaza erased.

Lineage traced to a race, complacent.

The metamorphosis barred in the cage,


Enemies of the state, disappeared

Without remnants.

The revolutionary quieted,

But the movement continues.

You cannot stop us.

You cannot silence the outspoken.

Anarchy, a token of appreciation

For all authority, guarding the nation.

From all the heretics making America a target.

Let's start a war,

So we can increase the markets.

Fully unjustified,

But we need the resources.

So don't worry, because they control the media stories.

Treason never stopped the Man.

Who's plan dictated destinies hand.

It's better to stand up for your beliefs,

Than to be a silent majority stamped with defeat.

The inception of a dogmatic doctrine

Fulfills the dream, of powers unscathed,

To manipulate esteem.

I do not condone giving up the throne quietly.

I will pursue nihility.

Non-existence of a fascist state.

Their will be crushed.

Ours reinstated, unabated.

The warlords cremated.

Dying in the sands.

A singular purpose.

Lust and greed.
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