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I am using a multimeter to get a read on a few PA speakers that I have. I have two Cerwin-vegas with 15 inch speakers that are reading 5.3 ohms on my multimeter. Does this mean the speakers are 8 ohms or 4 ohms?

The reason I am asking is because my power amp is a two channel 150 watt per channel power amp that can handle a minimum 4 ohm load per channel. I am unsure as to whether I should run a speaker from each channel or run them both on one channel. Don't wanna blow my power amp.

Multimeters don't read impedance. They measure DC resistance. What you're masuring is not impedance. The body of the speaker should have the impedance printed somewhere?

Else, its possibly 8 ohm as the impedance is a combination of the DC resistance and inductive reactance across the audio frequencies and the DC resistance is already over 4ohms.
Yeah I couldn't find anything definitive on them either.

So, err on the conservative and run one per channel because it's at least known that the speaker's impedance must be at least 4 ohm.

If your amp needs a minimum of 4ohm loading per channel then that should be ok.