so ive been looking around and i really need to know some first hand on a couple of amps. im looking to buy a new one this year. i play classic rock,fusion,jazz,metal,and some indie. i mainly play with strat style guitars with single coils.

here are the ones im looking into:






the carvin would be the max id like to pay for an amp.

i just need to know about reliability,sound,ability to gig with,and the match to my playing style.
any of those would work it really depends on what features you feel you really have to have. the carvin looks really good and has the most features.
the most important feature is sound. i dont want a very grainy distortion i need very smooth, not alot of treble spikey distortion/overdrive.
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the most important feature is sound. i dont want a very grainy distortion i need very smooth, not alot of treble spikey distortion/overdrive.

yeah that kinda goes without saying. not sure what you mean by grainy. as for the rest that's pretty much about EQing properly. many of those amps may need an overdrive to smooth out the distortion. you might want to look at other Peavey amps like a XXX or 6505 that are geared toward smooth distortion.

might help if you give a better idea of what you want sound wise, like what bands or songs style tones are you after. i play a SSS strat myself and use a Peavey Valveking but play more 70s style hardrock/metal as well as classic rock and blues rock. with an overdrive i can get more modern metal sounds. proably not as smooth as you seem to want though.
my vote goes to the jet city(although i recommend you get a 22h), the egnater, or the v3m. it sounds like what you and i look for in an amp is very similar, as ive come to all of these as options before. and jazz metal rules. Cynic or Exivious anyone? anyway, imo, all three sound really great and would be excellent options sound wise. as for gigging, thats where the v3m would win in my eyes(it is my next purchase for many many reasons including this). the jet city and egnater will sound good, but they will not offer the channel switching you may or may not need depending on what youre playing(with the exception of a 22h and not the 20h). if you play stuff where you need more than one tone in a song, then you can see the importance of multiple channels. if not, id say go with whatever sounds best to you. i have the jet city, and it really is a great tone imo, both clean and distorted. one other thing you will want to consider is the wattage, 20 watts wont do mid to large gigs well. one more area the v3m pulls through, is that its switchable from 50 to 22 to 7 watts. same deal with the tweaker, its 15 watts, it may not be enough for what you need. also the same with the blackstar. which brings me to my next point. i also have the blackstar, or rather, the 100 watt version of the same amp, and i have also played the 20 watt so i can tell you they are at least very very very similar just different wattages. imo, the blackstar covers all the ground you will need sonically(except for wattage as i mentioned above) but imo the tone isnt as good as the others. i have the 100 watt blackstar head, and i use it for practice and for live because of the capability for channel switching, but for recording i will be using my jet city, the tone is just so much sweeter. but i guess all that is subjective, just my opinion. egnaters also have really amazing tone, just a different end of the spectrum. they sound a bit more american voiced, where the jet city/carvin/blackstar seem to tend a bit toward british. the windsor came up in one of my many searches for amps, but i was disenthralled with it after hearing bad things about it. so that i dont have much an opinion on.
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i can understand where you are coming from on the carvin and its a nice amps there is also some used carvin legacy amps the first ones for around that price range. i like to play alot of led zepplin, but i love guthrie govans tone. his smooth fluid tone could be alot of him, and im not gonna just be able to do that with an amp but witht he right gear i fill that i could come closer to a smooth buttery tone that i want. thatnks for all you guys help and any more info is appreciated, this is still going to be a tough choice for me until i get a chance to really sit down with each of the amps.