Hey UG community, I've been honing my recording skills as of late so I haven't really written or recorded anything solid in months. But the other day I was messing around on my guitar for the first time in ages and I developed a fun little riff. Eventually this jumped out of my brain and fell onto a piece of paper. There are a lot of words, but it's a pretty quick tempoed song. If you I had to compare it to a band it would be kind of like the newer Blink-182 stuff but a little more raw. Progressive but simple haha :P

Verse 1
I've played these games I am familiar with the ways we keep score.
No one gets out alive but it's so fun you never get bored.
We rat out liars setting fires 'cause of public demand.
The youth rebelling and yelling at things they don't understand.

I've been here for far too long.
These streets all sing the same song.
I'm so afraid to be wrong.
The world died on my front lawn.
I know that I'm such a mess.
This life's put me to the test.
We've been here for far too long.
You won't miss me when I'm gone.
I've locked the windows and doors.
It's you and me nothing more.
We see through eyes growing sore.
Getting older just makes us bored.
We'll set fire to this house.
I don't expect you to stay.
No one will call for help.
Please don't forget me.

Verse 2
I wanna stay young at heart, for the rest of my life.
It's just so hard to give up something that caused me so much strife.
The punks are rioting and setting fires for what they believe.
Sometimes the hardest part for us is learning how to conceive.
The good intentions that get blurred between the black and white lines.
I just can't fight the feeling that we've all been losing our minds.
But through it all you know that I have been out searching for you.
And through it all I hope that maybe you're searching for me too.



The house on fire and I don't think anyone cares at all.
The house on fire and I don't think I'll be making the call.
The house on fire and I don't think anyone cares at all.
The house on fire and I don't think I'll be making the call.

Yeah, there it is, tell me what you think? I am aware of a few cliche lines in the song, and predictable rhymes but personally I kinda think it adds to the song. But point it out anyways and I'll give it a look over. If you want me to critique something of yours, by all means ask away and I will! And if you like it enough to want to hear the full arrangement version, become a fan of my band (solo project) The Fall 49, you could probably get there from my signature or just through my account, and you'll hear it, hopefully by New Years
Seems alright.
Still, I don't like the use of the word "bored" since in the way I imagined the song would go, it didn't fit at all.
Just my opinion. (you don't need to do anything in return)