Hey all, just thought i'd upload this for all you to tear apart :P
It's just an extremely easy riff played a few times over a backing drum machine, but still.

The song on Soundcloud

I used:
Old Gretsky (My old, piece of crap Gretsch Electromatic Junior)
Behringer UCG-102 (Also crap)
Peavy Revalver MKV.iii
Reaper D.A.W.

Future versions:
-Add bass
-Better hardware
-Total re-recording

Tear away!

I'll be uploading an acoustic song soon, which I am much more proud of than this.
Thanks man! I'm actually using a free digital one. Here's the link if you'd like:
Drum Machine
I just replaced all the samples with ones i liked on the internet, don't remember where i got 'em though.