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Okay Pit, there's no denying that coffee is without a doubt the greatest drink on the planet. I know you'll all agree with me on this one, so how do you like yours?

Me? I'm sitting down with a strong, single sugared coffee with a tiny bit of milk. Perfick.
I don't like coffee
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I drink coffee occasionally. However, Redbull is the greatest drink on the planet.
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i like my coffee like i like my slaves

freshly raped in the anus
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I like my coffee black just like my metal

But meh, I don't drink coffee. The occasional coolata or frosty icy thing from cinnabon, but besides that I don't consume coffee.
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I wish I liked coffee, my mornings would be a billion times better, and the mornings define the rest of the day mang.
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a thread about coffee? why hasn't this been done before? i don't like coffee though.
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I have a cup an hour, and I can't get enough.
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i like my coffee like i like my slaves

freshly raped in the anus
That wasn't funny...

OT: I like my coffee South American, TS.
i dont drink coffee habitually, but i like it with desserts and if im making a big breakfast or something.

i like it black. sometimes with a small splash of milk if its a really heavy roast that is brewed very strongly.

putting sugar in your coffee is dildos.
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I drink coffee to salute the old slavery handling which was great business for my ancestors.
sometimes I see us in a cymbal splash or in the sound of a car crash
Strong as fck, sometimes with a little milk, no sugar

Also not liking coffe is stupid
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usually a bit of sugar and some cream
but when I have it i like the flavoured cream. atm peppermint
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Just enough cream (bonus points if it's the french vanilla type) to make it a dark caramel color and a packet of Splenda. Highly caffeinated beverage of choice for getting through those weeks where the coursework piles up.

We have these in the dining commons.
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I'm pretty indiscriminate, but usually enjoy stronger, darker flavors -- French roasts with some half & half or cappuccinos, lattes, long blacks, or flat whites straight up.

Sweetening coffee is an abomination unto the Lord. Furthermore, if your coffee order has things in it better suited for an ice cream sundae, you better have matching X chromosomes.
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I love coffee, but sadly I had to cut down on it to the point of giving it up. I was getting chest pains from drinking too much of it.

The best coffee I've ever had was an accidental creation. I mixed a bag of Green Mountain Rainforest Nut, Hazelnut Cream, and Tropical Coconut coffee into a canister and then made sludge out of it. (4-5 scoops in a basket per 4-6 cups). It had a nice oil slick on the top and was the best cup of coffee I ever had.
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Strong as fck, sometimes with a little milk, no sugar

Also not liking coffe is stupid

Dude, where's my band?
You put sugar in coffee, you fail at life.
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You put sugar in coffee, you fail at life.


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I didn't like coffee, but now I'm in college. You learn to like it lol.
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I've never gotten into coffee.
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I like strong and black coffee, just like my men.
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Black and strong. Comes from many years in police work. I have 5-6 cups a day at minimum.
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