Hi everybody !!

So you guys, I played since one year only using to read tablatures. This gave me enough to learn some nice songs.

Now I started everything again with Learn and Master Guitar (legacy)


So i learned all the notes and now I'm getting to the sharps and flats.

Anyway what does an average guitar player learn ?
what did you learn ? only to play the tablatures ? or did you all passed the way of learning the notes and everything wich goes with it ?

Tell me if you think you can become an good guitarist by limiting yourself to the tablatures or do I have to go the full way ?

Thanks for all your answers I'll get
I tried to learn everything about notes and such as soon I heared about it (after 5-6 months of my guitar playing). Only reading tabs keeps you from imrpoving as fast as you could with music theory, and really advice all musicians to learn it.
It's a real shortcut to get better sooner.
At least it helped me alot, since my bandmate that has played for almost as log as me, don't have any music theory knowledge and therefore is a few months behind me.
I started with notation. Then tab.
I regret learning tab though, it limits you to just guitar and bass. I am a classical double bassist now and I really wish I had have stuck with notation more.

That being said there is advantages to tab, and I beleive as long as you know the notes you're playing and their relation (ie scales, and arpeggios) you should be good.
Id say being able to read chords and be able to comp and solo over them is a good skill to have too.

Just remember it may be harder if you ever have to pick up an aleternate instrument such as piano or sax. Or if you want to learn classical and jazz guitar.
if you just want to play other peoples music, tab is easier to pick up for the common player. Its quicker to get a couple songs under your belt. For anyone who wants to write their own music, theory is a must and therefore proper notation would be required. The benefit of learning proper musical notation, as said above, is the transfer of knowledge to other instruments. Tab is for guitar/ bass only and has no practical use outside of these instruments.

Im self taught, so no teachers or classes, just books, websites and the drive to learn. I only know tab and some notation/ theory that ive managed to pick up and retain over the years. If your dedicated and want to be good definitly take the time and effort to learn properly. If you just want to "rock out round the campfire" then tabs should get you were you want to be.
I'm not sure I believe that learning 'proper notation' does you that much good. I think if you devoted all that time to developing a good ear that would do you more good. I have a very poor understanding of notation (and music theory), but can play the piano up to a pretty decent standard... (and compose alright).
i dont disagree with that. with some initiative you can essentially learn anything given time and practice and more importantly the desire/will to do so. As well, to just "learn" the instrument is different than being able to fluently convert say, guitar to piano or vice versa.

The transition in such a case would be easier for someone to take a piano song and convert to guitar or vice versa with an understanding of notation as there is no "conversion" per say, just different format or medium on which to play the same notes. This could never be done with someone who just knows tablature. There is no reason an uneducated person such as ourselves couldnt do this, however would require you to sit down and convert each "note" to a fret/string number and would be very tedious.

That being said, knowing both or either doesnt effect how well you can play, and learning by ear requires no knowledge of tab OR notation as long as you can find the same/similar note/chord without knowing the name in either respect.