then you show them django and their eyes start to cross I'm sure.

SPeakin of fast players, I saw that thread you did where you calculated nps for certain snippets of different guitar players solos.

Intense stuff.

I hope to see George at some point before he goes, because even though he acts and looks young, he's up their in experience that is.
Oh, that thread is just there because otherwise we get a thread a week asking who's fastest.

One of my pupils came in the other day and asked "Did you ever hear of a jazz guitarist called Django?".

Damn straight, I actually have a booklet full of John Wheatcrofts Django transcriptions somewhere... unbelievably he even learnt it all with two fingers just to get closer to the original feel and phrasing, he had lots of interesting points about Django's style.

Still, it's great to see that people are constantly rediscovering all this stuff - I hope we'll still discussing these guys on this forum in 30 years! XD
Benson is amazing, but I don't think that he can do everything.
For example I did not see him playing crazy whammy bar tricks. Maybe I'm wrong