About a year ago I accidentally damaged that area where you put in your headphones cable. This resulted in that only the left side of the audio came from both right and left. Maybe 20% from left only sounded.

I hope you understand what I mean. Is there a way to fix this problem easily? Seeing as i'm not so keen on leaving my computer to some store who would probably just end up saying its unfixable.

I'm getting tired of having to hook up my line 6 and use it as the soundcard instead because it always turns on and off and is probably broken.

Thanks in advance..
I have the same problem, ripped out the metal surrounds, now I only get the right channel through headphones/speakers

It blows, and I couldn't find a cheap way to repair it - local comp shop said they'd do it but it would be pretty expensive.
Thanks for the respons guys! Guess I'll have to get my ass down to some store then. Again thanks for asking so fast.