Hi there! Well I have an odd question maybe someone can answer, I have pick-ups to a dime-o-flauge that I was thinking of putting into an knock-off fender guitar. Is this even possible? I know I would have to mod the body to fit the pick-up. But before attempting this, I was wondering if it was possible to do it. Anybody know? Any help would be awesome-o!
If it's a standard Strat-style layout, there's no reason why not if the body has the larger routing or you route it out yourself. There's a bunch of Strat pickguards on the market with humbucker openings, and if you can't find one, you can always get one from Warmoth.com
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Hey dude, a guitar is a hunk of wood, a pickup is basically a big magnet. If you can fit the magnet on the hunk of wood someplace under the strings it'll work. Might have to get the router out but as long as you got a strat thing (assuming its a strat) if you mess it up a little bit nobody'll know cause it'll be under the pickguard.
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