Well, I've begun trying to research how effects are used by the pros. So, anybody have a favorite song/songs that feature Delay?
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Delay has quite a few uses. Could be anything from adding a little body and texture to runs, riffs and solos all the way to creating giant, spacious soundscapes.
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A lot of U2, especially Where the Streets Have No Name.
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In dub, delay is used a lot on most tracks, this song is a good example

In more ambient music, delay is used to create big atmospheric sounds:

Also, to had a big of fatness to solos:

Hope that helps (also, delay can be a very creative effect, just have fun with it)
Where the Streets Have No Name-U2
Like A Stone (solo)-Audioslave
Go With the Flow-QOTSA (could be a LOT of reverb, but it strikes me as a long delay)
You're Not Alone-Saosin
Needle And Haystack Life-Switchfoot
Casting Such A Thin Shadow-Underoath
Forsaken-As I Lay Dying
Comfortably Numb-Pink Floyd

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Feel the benefit - 10cc... the start of the guitar solo towards the end... super long delay. the guitarist plays a little phrase and then stops, and then the delay repeats the phrase a couple of bars later as if it were played twice. it's a stereo thing too. it's nothing particularly impressive it's just an unusual thing to do.
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