I'm looking at helping my brother buy one as his Christmas present, and I can probably get this kit for $1000 + shipping from a guy in Hamilton, Ontario. It seems legit, the cymbals are made of metal with a dampening resin coating the bottom, and the drums have actual tension-adjustable skins. The presets and samples it has aren't really an issue, I'd be running it through Superior 2.0 + Metal Foundry anyway.

It looks like our best quality/price option right now, especially considering they're at least $1500 retail + tax. If anyone has any experience with this kit, some feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Official Alesis Page: (Link)
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It's a good piece of kit, my friend has it and i've tried it out and it's nice. The cymbals are cool and pretty real sounding... to an extent... another cool thing he had with his was that you could choke the cymbals but you need to pay more if you want that. I have the Alesis DM5 and wish I had the DM10!
No one cares.

^ I actually got the DM10 Studio afterwards, figured it would be better to get more heads and cymbal pads for less money. It's a great kit too, especially when I run it through the Superior VST!
I've got this kit, it works really great if you replace the mylar heads with mesh ones instead.

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