I found this in the loft:

It's 3/4 size, steel strung and a bit smelly but it's actually playable. Plus it looks kind of cool. My dad says it was his from when he was just a wee lad so it's 30+ years old. Inside is a sticker saying:
Model No.

Now I know it's worth nothing but I'd like to find out what it is i.e. who it was made by and when.

Any suggestions?
I'm not a guitar expert by any measure and know less about UK models, so don't take this as gospel.

The picture isn't too good, so not having a clear view of many of the identifiers, like the headstock, rosette, and bridge make it tough.

The tailpiece has the classic double heart of the Stella company, which if recall correctly was out of New Jersey but later bought out by the Harmony Co. of Chicago. They also sold under many other rebranded names.

The screw on pick guard was often seen on Harmony and a few others in the 50s and early 60s in the US.

The overall style gives me the impression of a poplar model that was manufacted by the Kay Co. also of Chic. and also often rebranded, but to my knowlege, never used that rosette.

The rosette looks to be exactly like one that the Zen-on Co., out of Japan used on many of the guitars they made, most likely copied from a spanish classical guitar.

The bridge, saddle, and what looks to be adjustable saddle screws or wheels reminds me alot of a type used the German co. Framus.

My best guess is that since this is an unbranded guitar, it most likely came out of Japan, or possibly Korea (one was a brand called Rey or Doy), that were heavily imported by the UK because of the high tariff rate on US guitars.

As I said before, don't put too much stock in this, it's just my gut feeling, there is always the possibility is was made in England or some other part of Europe.

The guitar appears in great condition by the photo. Hope this helps and hope you enjoy the guitar for many years, the 3/4 size are fun to play and can sound great.
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