Hey UG people,
I'm in the process of completely remaking my bass. I was wondering what was the best way to go about removing my frets and making my bass into a fretless lined bass.
If it makes any difference, I was intending on dying the wood an ebony colour, also.
I don't have a ton of experience in fret work, but you could take the frets out and fill the slots with a coloured epoxy (to match the ebony, of course)

You can find tons of guides on fret removal on the web too.
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Thanks :3
It's good to know it's not completely impossible. Does sound like a bit of work, but I'm up for that!
Thanks again
I've done it, it's not much work at all.

it's easiest if you take off the neck first so you're not working with a big heavy bass body. take a soldering iron and place it against the frets, taking extreme care not to touch the wood. hold it there for about a minute, and then take a small pair of flush ground end nips (you can get some from stewmac but they're pretty expensive, you'd be better off grinding a pair of regular end nips down yourself if you've got a grinding stone handy) and slowly pull the fret out.

from there the easiest way is to get some wood filler and pack it in the fret slots, sand down the fretboard (good opportunity to radius it how you want if you don't like what you've got) and coat the entire fingerboard in epoxy

also you should definitely take the nut off before you coat it in epoxy, and you should also sand a tiny amount off the bottom of the nut so the action is right at that point.
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