So what are some of your favorite impulses (links would be great).

I have the GuitarHacksImpulses and they seem great and all, but I really wish I had ones that said the type of cab they were, for example just to hear the difference between a Mesa Cab or Marshal Cab.
Catharsis Impulses are my favorite

I sent these to my friend the other day, includes the Guitar Hack, God's Cabs, Catharsis and some others that I've acquired. I had some RedWirez ones that I got free from there in the folder as well as some other really good ones, but the file would've been nearly 100mb and I was in a rush to zip them up

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My "Go to" Impulse for anything metal related

Some of these guys

and some of these

I know the Metallica impulses are pretty decent as well, then again I am not much of a Metallica fan.
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