Hey guys, not sure if this was the right place, but it seemed best. Search bar showed nada.

So I'm looking at my first Protools Rig and I'm looking to get a Profire 2626 bundled with Protools. It was my understanding that since Avid bought Protools there was no need for proprietary hardware to run the software, therefore no LE/M powered. But I've found a deal on ebay which advertises Protools 9 M-powered with a 2626:


Is this a bundle with just the Protools 9 upgrade, or is it legit? I need to buy the full software and I'm very interested in the 2626 as interface. Can anyone set me straight on this?


tl;dr: Is the Tools bundle in the link above the full software package or just the upgrade? It sort of says full package, but it could be a rip off...
There is no M-Powered after 8...so...yeah...maybe its the full 9?

I stand corrected by Avid.

It sounds like the full version best bet is to ask the seller.
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