Hey everybody,
So I have picked up the guitar and used a series of lessons found on the beginner's tab. I have now learned 8 chords: A, Am, E, Em, D, Dm, G, and C. I think I am ready to start to learn a song but I don't have a clue which I should choose? Maybe something not too fast will work? I want one I can play all the way through. All suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Thanks again!

P.S. It's for an Acoustic Guitar!
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If you want something easy. I would do Tom Petty's-Learning to Fly. Its 4 chords the whole way through, but you will need to learn the F chord. As soon as you learn that chord. You are basically set for chords because the chord formation of F is movable.

Good luck! And keep playin!
I would say Polly by Nirvana. It was my first song and was as easy as it gets as far as I'm concerned.

Not all the chords will be in "home" position, but its all power chords. Easy peasy.
Try searching the forums. There's been tons of threads before requesting easy beginner songs.
Your man, or Long black train by Josh Turner! Good country!
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what kind of music "moves" you? easier to learn if you enjoy it more. A7X? josh groban? country? celtic/disco ?
If you want something simple enough that you recognize all the chords easily but has a catchy rhythm (good for reinforcing what you have learned and to smooth out chord transitions) Something like the acoustic part of "100 in a 55" by Pop Evil is good.
knocking on heavens door by Guns'n'Roses was the first song that i have learned, you can play entire song on G,D,C and Am
Good Riddance by Green Day is where I started.
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knocking on heavens door by Guns'n'Roses was the first song that i have learned, you can play entire song on G,D,C and Am

That's a really good one, though Bob Dylan did the original and it's a lot nicer

Try to replace the Am with an Am7, and you might like the sound of it
Here's the Am7 tab:
E: x (mute it)
A: 0
D: 2
G: 0
B: 1
e: 0 (you can also change this to a 3, to get a more complex sound out of it)
live forever by oasis is very easy, all open chords and easy strum pattern

it goes

G D Am C G (verse)

Em D Am C D Am fmaj7 (chorus)

and if you've got a capo, Waterfall by the stone roses is easy to play and it sounds good
capo on 4th and there should be an easy ish tab to follow on Ultimate guitar
I've played electric guitar but yesterday I took out my acoustic and decided to learn some classical pieces, I found "Spanish Romance" (or Romanza) to be quite easy, but then again, I didn't have any problems with my left hand due to my electric guitar skills.
"Blue Christmas" by Elvis is pretty easy, but you need a capo to play along with him, and you gotta learn the A7 chord (not hard).
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Ain't no sunshine by Bill Withers is nice and easy as well. It's mostly Am for four beats, then Am-Em-G-Am, repeat. The chords are on UG. Joe the Georgian by Al Stewart is a fun one too if you can manage a "small" F chord (xx3211 if I recall correctly).
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The easiest songs to play are generally the ones you already know by heart, but haven't played yet. rhythm is everything. You can know the chords and not know the rhythm and you won't be able to play the song.

I started with music i grew up listening to, which luckily for me was 90's rock and was mostly easy.

If you're a fan of that kind of music, I would suggest starting with songs by nirvana, the foo fighters, bush, and green day. I do believe they were all too high to write anything complicated.
Dont look back in anger by Oasis is pretty easy, chords arent difficult for a beginner and the pattern is easy. Live forever is also easy. First song I learned. Also Id suggest wonderwall if you have a capo. Itsw pretty easy too. You might have trouble with the ending chords in the chorus as they change pretty quick for a beginner, but its easy to get down after a while.
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chords..C-G-Am-F so you really need to learn an F-chord, it is hectic at first but stick to it you will get it. Ihave been learning for a year now.