It looks cool as **** but I am skeptical.
I'm having a really hard time finding a straightforward review on this bass and the only demo I could find on youtube was a piece of crap. I'm assuming this bass came out pretty recently, but I found it for 300 on eBay and I am considering buying a bass around that price range.
Lately I've been using my drummer's 1976 Fender P-Bass, but he's tired of me bumping it into walls on occasion and whatnot/doesn't want me to **** it up.
My band is called "The Porn Groove" and we play sort of a garage rock-funk thing.

Like I said my main attraction to this bass is its appearance, and yes appearance matters very greatly to me.

So, any insight on this model or perhaps Danelectro products in general? Any inspiring words that could push me to make a great purchase or prevent me from wasting my money?
Thanks y'all
A lot of guitarists use dano's and the consensus tends to be cheap, but great for the money. That dano is rather new, but it's pretty much just a Danelectro Long Horn bass that melted. Dano's are made of a pine frame sandwiched between masonite and a strip of plastic for an edge, with simple pickups. That might seem cheap, and weird, but they've lasted for years, and have a great tone at a cheap price.

Again not a lot of dano information for bass, as most bassists think they and cheap and ugly, but if you like them, they are fine, read the guitar reviews, as they are the exact same materials only difference is tuner size and scale. John Entwistle used one (The Who)
I don't know about the wild thing, but there's Dano bass all over Bruce Springsteen's first 3 records. Check out The Wild, The Innocent, and the E-Street Shuffle. I'm not sure how it would translate for what you're playing, but its your ears and your opinion.
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its_alive hey, Im my opinion and with personal experience with the bass I think it's a pretty good bass for a pretty good price there's a bit of a fret buzz but it goes away after a while or you can just get a different set of strings 
I owned a Dano Longhorn at one point.  For the price they're decent basses, but a few caveats.  The lipstick pickups have a really distinct tone.  If that's what you want, it's great, but they can be one trick ponies, which is why I sold mine. Also, watch the necks--I live in Northern California, and the changes in humidity and temp were hell on the neck.  I was doing setups on the bass on a regular basis.