Until recently, my guitars had gone untouched for the better part of the year, as my interest in playing became a casualty of monotony. However, that interest is now slowly being rekindled, so I'm trying to broaden my musical tastes and improve upon my technique so as to prevent future disinterest.

That said, it would be appreciated if you could suggest songs for me to learn, be they jazz, country, whatever, so that I can assimilate the techniques therein. Please give reasons for having chosen the song(s) you suggest.

I'm especially interested in improving upon my tapping (2, 3, and 4 finger), hybrid picking, and more importantly, ability to integrate nonstandard chords into my playing.

Antoine Dufour-Spiritual Groove
Antoine Dufour-These Moments

These are acoustic pieces. I believe they require a lot of rhythm and a lot of practice. They include finger-picking, tapping (somewhat), hammer-ons, pull-offs, and harmonics. And you WILL be able to integrate different chords into your playing. As well as get used to other tunings.