I was planning to change the pickups on the ESP LTD EC-10 with a Seymour Duncan Invader in the bridge and a Seymour Duncan JB SH-4 in the neck. I am also planning to change the pickup on my Squier Deryck Whibley Telecaster with a JB SH-4 (like Deryck) on the bridge instead of the stock Duncan Designed crap that's on it. I like to play Punk on the Squier and Metal on the LTD although the stock on the Squier is killing my rhythm while it's distorted because it makes some weird feedback noise (although I LOVE it when it's clean) and the stock on the LTD is just not doing it. I do solos as well as rhythm so the invader for rhythm and the JB SH-4 for leads (even if it IS in the neck). OR should I put an Invader in the Squier (since it's used mainly for rhythm) and put the JB SH-4 in the bridge of my LTD? Or JB SH-4 on both bridges and Invader on the neck of the LTD? I'm not sure, I'm not the expert here. Please help me. Oh and I don't like using EMG's or any active pickups because I hate buying 9-volt-batteries and I have a financial situation. Sorry for the long-ness.
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Oh and I don't like using EMG's or any active pickups because I hate buying 9-volt-batteries and I have a financial situation. Sorry for the long-ness.

im pretty sure those batteries last a long time, they are not like AA or AAA plus you are not going to be plugged in all day
yea the emgs battery has good life thousands of hours i only had to change like once in a whole year but if you do get emg make sure not to leave the guitar pluged in cause that will turn the pups on thus wasteing battery life.. for the duncans i have a jb sh-4 in the bridge of my les paul and the neck is a sh-2 jazz i love the sounds of them together. if you wanna use the jb and invader the hotter pup should go in the bridge. but i do reccomend the jb/jazz combo also seymour duncan has this thing called a triple shot which allows you to coil tap to either one of the coils in the humbucker and also lets you choose from a series/parrallel wiring so that allows you to have alot of pickup combos making for a very versitile guitar. sorry for my spelling errors im too lazy to fix them.
But what is your amp? The sound won't change massively if your amp is not good.
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^ Yep, there's no point in doing this unless you have a decent amp. As for the pickups in question, I wouldn't want to use an Invader or a JB as a neck pickup. They're both designed for the bridge position and won't really perform as well in the neck.

Sticking with Duncan, I'd normally consider a Jazz or a '59 for the neck; they're the standard for a reason. Even if it's for mostly metal, most players want their neck pickup for smooth leads and nice cleans, while the bridge handles the more brutal stuff. Alternatively, if you want a slightly more aggressive neck tone, perhaps a Full Shred is worth a look.
I don't usually use an amp, just goes straight to my sound card and into my DAW. If I'm practicing I like to use the Traynor DG10. I am definitely not going to use EMG's. I'll be using the bridge for rhythm and neck for soloing. I was wondering if the SH-4 does well soloing in the neck. Or if the Invader is good at soloing at all.