So I recently became aware of the rickenbacker use of a bass cut on the bridge pickup, via switch or otherwise. What exactly are they using cap wise etc. to make this happen? Most of what I read was really vague and confusing, I think it on the original 4001 only worked in ric-o-sound mode, but what if I wanted to activate it via a switch like the newer 4003's?

I ask because I kind of on an experiment wired up my new bronco with a 10 GFS rail, with a .0015pf cap to ground eliminating the brittle highs (If I'm right), then a switch which either sent a .1pf cap to ground or stayed out of the circuit, then through 500k audio pots and a .033 tone cap.

My intention was to have a bright but mid accented bass, with a bass cut for solo/dirt use. What I got was close, but when I engage the .1 cap it gets wayyy bass heavy like immediate dub bass which is cool, but is the exact opposite of what I was looking for.
It was (and is) a .0047mf capacitor.
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Would that cut bass frequencies or something else seems kind of small, maybe I was working with too big at .1?