ive read some reviews saying that this book is like the greatest book ever for practicing correctly. does anyone have any experience with this book? is it really that great?
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It's really good in my opinion, but it takes patience. I went through it once, doing the exercises for a couple of months but after that I've just tried to keep relaxed while playing by starting slow and going faster step by step. I'm sure I would have a much better technique if I'd kept at it, but it did help a lot.

I would recommend getting it. It's definitely worth the price.

Now that you bring it back to my mind I might actually start going through it again.
alright thanks, i think i'll get myself a copy!
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I'm sorta interested in this but cant find a copy in canada under $180 ! (amazon)
I'm using it at the moment to decrease tension and up my tempo a bit... it's really useful to come back to aside from normal playing.... but it is definitely better to keep it regular.