I have a Presonus Audiobox (which I regret buying because the drivers for Windows are terrible, but this is another story), I was wondering how to setup it correctly for recording purposes (I mean recording straight into the interface using modelling amp as I don't have a SM57 yet). I've read that when recording -18 -24 db are professional standards and I should set the db level on my interface rather than in my DAW. Now, as you can see :

The ''minum level'' on my preamps interface is already -10db, so is it recommendable to record with the preamp knob turned all the way down ? I'm asking because it's very very easy to get clipping/distortion with this interface.
Another thing : There's a ''mixer'' knob on the Audiobox, when using Guitar Rig, Amplitube and such I should turn the knob all the way to ''playback'', right ? Or I should leave it halfway between ''input'' and ''playback'' ?

On my DAW (Reaper btw) when recording should I leave things as you can see in the screen ? (I mean 0.00 db on tracks and 0.00 db on Master ?)

Plug in your guitar, strum as hard as you possibly can, and set the input gain so the signal doesn't clip. When you play, you are obviously going to play softer than this, so your levels should be pretty good. Remember not to set so that you are close to clipping while playing, because you do want some head room.
And yes, keep both the channel and the master at 0dB while playing, the master should actually be on 0dB all the time.
With the mixer knob, try it out, and see how you like it the most. I like listening to the Input, since the playback is going to be a bit late. But with that , do as you want to.
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