Somebody, listen to Seek and Destroy, and tell me if you can hear the bass. Idk, I can't seem to hear it in most metallica songs. I lose track after the intro in For Whom the Bell Tolls and Cyanide, I lose track after the solos in Orion, I can't hear it at all in Call of Ktulu. I need to hear it if I have to start playing bass....


I feel very frustrated indeed. I can hear it in some Green Day and Blink-182 songs, and one or two Sum 41 songs.

Please, HALP D:
There are bass tracks for almost any Cliff Burtons songs, look em up on Youtube
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The Bass in Ktulu can be heard in the intro (the wah-wahing behind the guitars). But yeah, the tracks can be found on youtube
That's because the bass pretty much plays the same as the guitars, which just makes the guitars sound fuller to the bottom. Also he uses distortion, which will also make the bass harder to find. But add a little bass on your master EQ and you'll hear it better. Or listen to the song with earplugs, and press them in your ears while listening, this will make the bass easier to hear, and once you've heard what the bass plays, you will hear it easier when listening normally.
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I have heard the Seek and Destroy bass track and all, but I can't seem to hear it in the main track. Do you think Jason and Robert's basslines are easier to hear? I find the black album basslines easier to follow, but lose them after a point. As for Rob, I can hear more on live recordings than the album recording...
Bascially, when they were mastering those albums, the producer highlighted the bass channel, and pressed mute. Do not be surprised that you can't hear them!
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All Metallica bass tracks are on youtube. I mean they're only the most popular hard rock/metal band from the 80s and 90s.

If you want to hear the bass tracks with the full songs boost the low mids on your stereo all the way. Cut the highs and lows. James scooped the shit out of his mids on all those old albums. Cliff was all about treblely mids with his tone so he could cut through the scooped guitars. He even had some sort of strat pickup on his frankenstein-Rick.

His tone also sounded a lot like a guitar tone when he used his big muff. You might have have noticed it all along and not realized it was him. He honestly wasn't mixed that low on those old albums. That didn't happen until AJFA...

Jason has some killer bass tracks in AJFA. They were mixed in the "mute" channel. So yea. I dunno any of his other tracks well because I haven't heard much Metallica after that album.

As for Rob I honestly have no clue because I haven't actively listened to anything he played on with Metallica.
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