I'll keep it short.

I'm in university. I have a term paper due tomorrow. It's not hard, it's just a critical review and analysis of "The Civilization of Difference," a speech by Chief Justice of Canada, Beverley McLachlin. The speech is about discrimination and how it can be dealt with, basically.

I've known about it since the first day of class, but only now just got around to it this weekend and even then I spent most of the time watching hockey and playing MW3. The work is easy enough, but I just can't be bothered to do it. I sat down to type it up at 9 pm last night. It's 6 am, almost 7, and I've written two paragraphs. I just can't bring myself to care, but I'm going to half-ass it and get this done before I sleep. I also have to write a story for a contest I entered by Wednesday, and finish and essay for English by Friday. Those will be done no problem, because I enjoy those.

How do you stay motivated enough to finish work on something you don't really care for? If anyone asks why I'm taking this class if I don't like it, I need it for my degree.
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that wasn't short...
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It's bloody difficult. I've noticed that I'm more motivated to FINISH something that to start it. Because it this, I've noticed by extension that it's better to make a start on something when you aren't motivated, leave it, and come back to it.

From personal experience, of course.
Try rigorous masturbation, that's how all smart guys I knew did it. Go f!ck yourself, it's worth a try. Or you could think about the importance of doing that garbage and do it. You'll be scared into writing a great paper.
I could write a very long and depressing story about this, but suffice to say I'm not the one to ask about avoiding procrastination on schoolwork.
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In uni/college? Take a gander at your loan/receipt for fees. The amount of money you've already sunk into it is generally a good kick up the ass and good fail deterrent. As for high school I'm pretty sure I wore this face during the whole thing.

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I tell myself that the feeling of failure in the future is significantly shittier than a mild pain in the arse that a little work is now.
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When it's a paper I give that little of a shit about, I generally modify the bullshit:actual response ratio to about 1 for 1. Enough to get me a passing grade.
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Yeah this is my first semester and the cost alone for private college keeps me as motivated as I need to get.
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"I need it for my degree"

That's all the motivation you need.


I just keep telling myself, if I fail this class I'll have to take it all over again and repeat this torture, so I better do everything right.
Put in-ear headphones on really loud (but not "my ears are bleeding" loud) or get noise-cancelling head phones and put on your favorite album on repeat.

I'm usually still unmotivated for the first 2 minutes, but then when it gets deeper into the album I get in the zone and pump out all of my homework