... between the nut and the machine heads. They make a high-pitched 'plink' when plucked. Has this ever been used on a record?
start of 'you know you're right' by nirvana - they use that bit or the bit of string between stopbar and bridge . . . . . i would guess
Quite possibly, I know there are some ridiculous experimental guitars completely covered with pickups, like behind the bridge and such. I wouldn't be surprised if someone has plinky-plonked away on record.
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Van Halen - Running With the Devil...just before the riff starts there's a backwards rake behind the nut.

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Zakk Wylde uses this trick on Superterrorizer... the part of the strings between the stopbar and the bridge
its not that uncommon to that section of the strings for bending and vibrato
Tommy Emmanuel does it sometimes when he goes off on one with the percussive stuff.