Beginning is nice, sets the mood just right. The thunder and siren effects are a nice touch after that, although I think they should be spread in the mix more (more stereo effect). The tone is nice, but it seems dry after a while, maybe bring in some harmonies to spice it up.

Heavy part comes is smooth, although its unbalanced compared to the section before, it needs to be brought up in level a good bit so it sounds more powerful. Also, I am not sure if I am hearing any bass guitar, the low end seems a bit lacking at this junction.

Overall a well written piece that just needs some fine tuning. It could benefit from some strings and orchestral parts though, make it more tense and dramatic.

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Thanks guys! check your threads out for crit on your songs

@ The Uncreator, thanks man really helpfull i will try to get that all straight next time, was a bitch to mix though so i'm glad i already got to this quality
I really like the intro; it's calm and melancholic, and when it builds up a bit ~1:20. I liked the SFX through out the piece, but it's kind of distracting in the outro. You should add strings and make the drums louder when the distortion kicks in.
Adding harmonies would be nice, especially around 2:40. The piano (I think) in the background during the solo added some depth. Is there a bass playing? I couldn't hear it.
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Solid. The production sounds great. The sound effects are also well placed though I usually shy away from them.

Considering the thin scoring the sound is nice and fat.

Distorted guitar comes in quite nicely, tone is a little harsh on the solo for me but that's whatever.

Very cool piece!

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