Are they any good? I've been offered one brand new for £500 and I was considering it.

Also are they any good at taking pedals as I have a lot I'll want to put through it.

cheers in advance

- Jamie
Also if it helps I'm looking for a rock style sound with good clean tones and I'd use it for gigging
well i recently got the 100 watt head for £380 new and i gotta say it sounds sweet man. I like that fact that you can have independent volume for clean and dirty it makes a big difference. I Have only put my ocd through it and it works really well as a boost. Only thing is ive heard the effects loop is more geared towards rack effects rather than pedals soo pedals seem quiet through it, But again ive yet to use the effects loop so i cant comment.
The same one is on sale from source the distributor for 379.99 new on ebay btw
The 2x12 50 watt combo is lower gain then the heads (the 1x12 50 watt jet city is the head in combo form). It depends how heavy you wanna get really and if you only go heavy occasionally you may get away boosting the crunch channel since its basically the same as the 20 watters single channel which does that ok with an extra clean channel and more power. Not to be confused with the heads which have the 20 watters single channel plus an extra overdrive.
If you wish to use it for any form of metal, go with the 1x12. If not, the 2x12 will work great. The 5212 is based off the Soldano Lucky 13 while the 5012 is based off the Soldano Hot Rod 50.