I've been using my squier bullet strat for a good 3 years now. However, off late i havent been too pleased with the tone it gives, specially with heavier distortion.

Not that something's wrong, just that i noticed how the sound sucks compared to other guitars of similar range. Also, sometimes when i play two or more of the lower strings together it gives a sharp distorted buzzing sound that is plain annoying.

I have considered buying a new guitar altogether, but this one has too many memories attached to it. So i thought maybe i could try modding it a little before giving up on it.

Currently, it bears the standard chrome hardware and single coil pickups.

Please suggest any wiring / pickup alterations i could make to crank it up a little. Also, i think the action of my guitar is higher than most others. Is it recommended to bring it down a bit?
action is all based on opinion, and if you want a nicer distortion put a Duncan JB Jr or Duncan Hot Rails for Strat (SHR-1) in the bridge position.
Take it to a luthier or good tech and have them level the frets. There is a good chance on a guitar of lower grade that the fretwork is subpar. It can probably be leveled/crowned/polished and get rid of the buzz and help you get a lower action.
you need a humbucker if you want it to sound good with distortion
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Thanks for the advice all of you!
At the risk of sounding very newby, is it any good to change only the bridge position pickup?