My band is about to start recording. What is the best way to mic a guitar cab (I have an Ashdown halfstack) with three mics (an SM57, an SM58, and a PG58, all by Shure). Any advice is appreciated.
Put the SM57 infront of the guitar cab?
That's an instrument mic.
SM58, you put infront of the singer
I only have pg58s and they sound alright on amps if you really need to
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Guitar cabs are typically miked with the SM57 for live use or recording. The SM58 is the sister mic of the 57. They're both very similar, the primary difference being the pop guard on the 58 and a slightly different frequency response between the two microphones.

That being said, there are no rules. You can use the 57. Feel free to use a 58 instead. Unscrew the windscreen, or keep it on. Or use both mics on and off axis and blend to taste.

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First, dial in the sound in the room. If it doesn't sound good live, it wont in the recording. Listen to the cab and pick which speaker sounds best. Put the mic near the speaker (start about midway between the edge and center of the cone, a few inches off the grill cloth) and listen through headphones as you place the mic. First compare placing the mic on and off axis. I personally find on axis with a 57 somewhat harsh, but this is a matter of personal preference. Then try moving it parallel with the grill cloth. Moving it closer to the center of the cone will sound brighter, and more toward the edge will give more low end. Finally, you can try moving the mic closer or further from the cabinet depending on how much ambiance you want, though keep in mind this is a close miking technique. I wouldn't try to distance mic with the mics you have; that's better done with large diaphragm condensers or ribbon mics.
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If you have the kit to record 3 tracks at once, point all three at your cab from different places/angles/distances. Then listen to them all and see which you like.

It's also worth trying that and keeping 2 of the tracks, pan one far left & one far right, or just do them 50% each way.

Play with it and enjoy.

There are no rules.
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