Hey everyone, this is my band's first music video. The reason I don't want to post it in the "Promote your band" forum is because I am the bass player in this video, and I want my fellow bass-buddies to watch / hear it.

Here it is! Give me feedback on my bass line, how much you liked / didn't like the video, etc. etc. Enjoy.


And, if you liked the music, our Facebook page is Facebook.com/sdneveready

We are also now on iTunes!
Dude, I'm not a bass player, but I checked it out anyway, I hope you don't mind :P

I loved the video, but I thought the song was even cooler haha! Good luck to you guys!
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I'm glad you guys like it! Show all your friends, spread the word

And Alex, I don't really see / hear the comparison... Hahah. Maybe it's something I'm missing?
This is more to promote your band than to ask for critique on your playing/technique etc, so doesn't belong in this forum. Moving to the correct forum now.
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