Right ok well first off I have a boss DS-1 and whenever I plug it in it generates a lot of buzzing and it's like that all the time whenever I'm not playing even when put at a low distortion so what am I doing wrong or what?

And secondly I dont know the best way to set up all of my pedals so I just need your help, I have a crybaby Wah pedal, digitech whammy pedal, boss DS-1 pedal and a z-vex fuzz factory so what order should I put them in?



put nicely?

The DS1 may be making noise due to several factors.

1. cables
2. bad battery
3. bad AC power
4. faulty jack
5. solder connection gone bad
6. it is just borked

the way you just listed your pedals is probably the way I would hook them up

Please for the love of God get out of that DS1 > MG set up