Walked into a local music shop named kevins musician supply to have a look. My girl was looking at a new 299.00 epiphone dot studio so i looked at it and noticed it played well and sounded well acuastically..so kevin said he would give us a deal of 250.00 with a hard shell case. Not shure if that was a good deal or not and it being close to christmas i declined.
I later got home and researched and realized it was a good deal. A week later I went to another local shop and they had a cherry dot studio that played just as well. flipped the price tag 345.00. I thought mmmm? maybe i would take another look at kevins. I went in picked it up and noodled around unplugged and an old dude asked if i wanted to plug in but i didnt and was about to hang it back on the wall and kevin sais ill make you a deal. 199.00 with a hardshell case. I said ok. I thought what a deal for a brand new guitar.
Got home plugged it in to my flextone switched to a roland jazz chorus with a little chorus effect and sounds great with the guitar volume down a little.
played well through high gain models as well.
this is the first guitar that ive owned that the vlume knob actually is useful in changing sound without decreasing sustain. although it only has one tone knob the way the volume control works its very useful.

Nice deal bro
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Nice score...
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Wow, good deal for you. HNGD!
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Dots are awesome guitars.

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That is one freaking sweet deal!!! Douches here (Canada) try to sell those used (in terrible condition) for $300.
love that wood grain
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I've been GASing over one of these for a while now. They just ooze swag.


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