Just what the title says..one of the local music stores around me has an Ibanez Prestige RG1570 in sparkle blue for $699.00...Catch is, there's no trem arm, has 2 scratches, and one ding (bout 1/2 the size of a penny, edge of the guitar near the strap button)


I was just thinking ( really really thinking) that I should probably snap this up...I can just barely afford it, but it would be a good guitar, so what do you all think?

thanks guys!
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Offer him $625 for the guitar and hard case. If he takes it, good deal. If he doesnt, then buy a guitar thats actually worth $700.
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I got a mint rg1570 with dimarzios and case for 530$ on ebay. And that's in expensive europe.
I saw a 570 and a 1570 right next to each other in GC yesterday, both in not-so-hot condition but still quite similar if slightly worse than that... and both together were less than what you want to pay for one.
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