For my first electric guitar (been playing loaned ones etc for 8 months about) I've bought a Yamaha SG200 (SG style guitar), from 1974- used, so some work needs to be done...
It needs a new nut and a the frets must be dressed... but there's one other problem, and it's driving me up the wall!

When I strum the G string (or indeed any string, but the g string is most noticeable)
There is a strange noise coming from the tail piece/ stop bar, I've pinpointed it to the bottom part of the string (just after the ball, where there's a small wind of string around the string) vibrating against the stop bar, I've raised the stop bar, lowered it, same goes for bridge, truss rod, pick ups, tuners.... I've tweaked everything there is to tweak, changed the strings..... it remains! (I'm using 11-54 Ernie ball's)
When I strum a note on the string, it hasn't got nearly as much sustain as other strings, and the sound it'self is not as smooth...
I've run out of ideas, short of covering it in blue tac, which I don't want to do- I want permanent solutions!

Please help!
Any ideas would be very much appreciated, however weird!
And tightening stop bar closer to body doesn´t help? I´m just bass player, but I own some vintage pieces. Sometimes strange noises comes from springs between stones and tailpiece. Guitar doesn´t have that. Worth trying is strumming every string while holding it´s tuning peg. Loose pegs can cause vibrations on tailpiece too. Shallow nut, such as yours probably isn´t the deal, but can be the problem.

How funny the noise is?
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It's hard to describe- imagine a wire brush on a symbol, with a bit of a rattle in there too...
It's quiet, but audible when unplugged or playing clean.
I'll give your suggestions a go though!
Try placing a piece of a rubber band between the string and the stop bar. This is not a permanent fix, but it will let you know if you have indeed located the issue.
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It could be a couple things. If your string is not sustaining sound as much as the others then it could be a fret issue. It might SOUND like it's coming from the tailpiece, but sounds can be deceiving. Another issue that sounds more like what you have is the truss rod vibrating inside it's track. But a truss rod is not something you want to just start tweaking on without knowing what your doing. If you adjust your truss rod, only go about an eighth of a turn at a time. If it has been wrenched on by someone who does not know what they are doing, then the problem could be a broken truss rod. That's a problem.
I've already been fiddling with the truss- I'm careful, turning it 1/8th at a time, and no more than a 1/4 turn a day... loosened it a bit as atm I've got fret buzz etc with anything but the heaviest strings, before I get a new nut and the frets dressed (dead flat atm)... Another point that may or many not be relevant; The G string nearly always sounds a little out of tune (intonation fine, and tuner says it's dead on (snark))

I'll be blu tacking it then it seems for now!
After much fiddling, blu tacking etc...
The problem apears to be coming from the bridge!
From either that little wire over the screws, or a part of the bridge itself...
Time to get out the screwdrivers!
The G string is a pain, period. It's the one string that could really be wound for best playability, but it has a different sound to it than a plain wire string does. Every guitar I've ever owned also has a weird sounding G string.