Hello UG community, I hope this is the right place to put this.

Been listening to many electronic / hip hop music lately and I've been really interested in making trip hop / trance, the only "beat making software" that i master ATM is Reason but I've been thinking about trying on something else, any suggestions?

Just in case this help, i have as mayor influences Bjork and Portishead

Anything that can host decent synths.
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I've been using FL Studio for the last 5 months or so. Once you get your head around how everything connects, it's actually one of the most simple DAWs I've used.
Hosts any VSTi/DXi plugins too, and sample packs of .wav files for drum beats and whatnot.
Reason is a great program. it's lack of third party is the only draw back. I'm about Ableton for beat making but what ever floats your boat. Once you find one that works for you learn it inside and out.

Knowing your tools will make you a great beat writer not the software.
Anything you can work with honestly. I do a lot of stuff in garageband/logic but if you're looking for a new one and are willing to spend some money I'd go FL studio.
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Does FL support VST already? If not, try cubase and some kind of VST Drum library, there's many different drum libraries you can buy. On top of my head there's the abbey road drums, steven slate, drumagon, and a lot more. Dont ever decide to go the loops way though