I was jammin to this backing track :


At first i played D minor pentatonic, sounded good. However I give a try to G major scale (not pentatonic) and it worked, i think. It really sounded good to me like happy and trippy. Why does it work? maybe im wrong. Btw D major pentatonic also works good but doesnt have that "trippy" feeling like G major scale.

And what are the chords being played on that backing track?
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well its in D and D is the fifth of G so those two keys are closely related so most notes are the same exept for one(F-f#)

now it sayd it sin Dminor/major
so it probably uses notes like the root 4th and 5th of the key of D (i didnt hear the whole thing so i cant be sure of that)
According to the comments on it, its the song sloe gin by joe bonamassa.
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Can anyone tell me about what chords are being played there?

I'll give you the part that starts at 2:08 onwards.

Descending bass line: Dm7 - Db7b5 (sharp5 will work also) - Dm7/C - Bm7b5 (or Dm6) - Bbmaj7 - C7sus4 - C
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