I don't know too much about speakers ... I've always used a combo amp with default speakers....
But I recently bought a Marshall 1960a cab. I've read that mixing 2 G12H75's with 2 V30s sounds great. Well the cab I bought already came with 4 G12H75s so I figured I'd buy 2 V30s. So I got a great deal from my buddy and just picked them up today.

I noticed on the back of the speakers that they said 8 ohms...yet my 1960a cab has a label saying 16 ohms. And the marshall head that I bought (a Marshall JMP 2203 from 78) has a number of output jacks with no labels. I do know that it has a 16 ohms output but I'm not sure about an 8 ohms...

Can I put two 8 ohms speakers and two 16 ohms speakers in that one cab?
no you can't do that


you really want all the speakers to be the same ohmage

you could get creative but I'd rather not go there.

your cab is probably wired in Series/Parallel for mono or stereo operation. If that is true then you should be able to run at 16 or 4 ohms mono (common) or 8 ohms stereo (less common). That is when all the speakers are same ohms. Cabs are usually set up this way. Does it have a stereo jack on back of the cab.

I believe that amp will run 8 ohms as well but I'd have to check.

I have some cab diagrams if that would help.

What I would do for now is run only on 2 speakers if you can and not all 4. Sell the V30s and get some new ones at 8 ohms each.

Pretty standard 4x12 cab set up.
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