Hi, I'm a guitarist turned bassist, interested in learning funk metal and I'm trying to develop a percussive technique. I can slap, pop and slide on the thick strings quite well (calluses have formed properly now) and I've been going through as many songs as I can trying to develop technique and I've found one I simply can't do at this stage.

It's this;

I've heard somewhere it's left hand slapping, but I can't really find an exact answer or a bass player that knows for sure and that's a technique I feel I really should have.

Can anyone tell me what it is or how to do it? Thanks
Well.. This is how I usually play it: First I hit an open D (drop D) then I mute all the strings with my index finger and strike the strike with my right tumb. Then I just hammer on with my ring finger and also pop.

I'm really terrible when it comes to explaining stuff this early in the morning, but my best tips is that you listen to the song and slow down the part significally. Your best shot is to just start slow and then build up your speed!

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Assuming you mean the same sort of effect as Mark King. Here is a video which explains it:


Its very simple, you slap your left hand (slightly harder than just muting with all fingers except index which is usually on the string down) to create another thump sound after you play an open string. Once you do it fast it starts to sound a lot more rhythmical. A lot of the time it is also followed by playing a regular mute which gives the double mute sound.

Practice slowly with the left hand slap then once you have it down it will become automatic. Its also used to do triplets a lot so its nice to learn.
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