We are a metal band from Woodhull, IL(61490 if you want to look it up on google maps).

Here is our website: www.lethalbydefault.com

We have two pre-production songs posted. We are recording a new album in the Chicago area right now, and these are basically the final mix we decided on. They just aren't mastered yet.

We are kind of bummed we have to find new members, because this is a really solid line up for us. We have been together for 8 years, and had several line up changes. This current line up has been together since 2009.

Anyway. We need new members because our guitarist is going to college this fall, and he is going out of state. Also, our drummer, who is in college now, has really been slacking and missing TONS of practices. Something that we cant have when we are shelling out tons of money to record in a nice studio.

We are looking for somebody relatively close to Woodhull since we practice there.

We would also like somebody between the ages of 20 and 25, but we would review almost any age.