Basically I want a neck humbucker that can be a bit defined yet warm in it's tone but still able to be heavy and able to rock.

Also on the subject, I was planning to get a Seymour Duncan JB for my bridge for similar purposes but would like to know if there's anything else that would be good for such things.
I use seymour duncan invaders in both positions and I think invaders are a pickup you might want to consider!
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I use seymour duncan invaders in both positions and I think invaders are a pickup you might want to consider!

I'm gonna strongly suggest you don't listen to this.
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air norton

And suggest you listen to this.
Well if you were looking at a JB anyway, i'd recommend a '59. They came as a set in my ESP, and I've enjoyed what it's capable of.
Personally I wouldn't get a JB for metal. Not nearly tight enough and a little "vintage" for my tastes. I would do a Dimarzio Crunch Lab/Air Norton combo.
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You CAN play anything with anything....but some guitars sound right for some things, and not for others. Single coils sound retarded for metal, though those who are apeshit about harpsichord probably beg to differ.
If you want 'metal cleans' then I'd say a Jazz or PAF Pro. Crystal-clear for the neck.
If you want more traditional cleans and lower gain tones as well as the option to go into metal a little bit on the neck then I'd go for a Pearly Gates. It's a pretty typical classic style alnico 2 humbucker but with just a little more sharpness to it so it doesn't get muddy unless you go really stupidly crazy with the gain.
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I'm gonna strongly suggest you don't listen to this.

And suggest you listen to this.

Hahaha, yeah, I know what you mean. I have an Invader in the bridge of one of my guitars and it's good, but not great or what I'm really looking for.

My metal goes back and forth from a punkish attack to more of a doom or stoner metal like groove at times, and I tune to C standard for most of it, so I'm really looking for something that can work well for that type of style, yet still be able to do cleans at least relatively well.
You may consider the Bill Lawrence 500L or 500R, not the XL. It's hot but cleaner than the XL model and can still be driven hard.
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The Invader neck has to be one of the worst pickups I've ever tried. I'd go with the Air Norton or LiquiFire.
what do you use teh neck pickup for? if you only use it for distorted solos in your metal playing, you can normally get away with a lower output neck pickup (which'll be good for cleans, too).
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Seymour Duncan '59. Used by both Robert Smith of the Cure (cleans galore) and Mark Morton of Lamb of God (metalz) in both bridge and neck positions. Sorted.
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I personally find the Seymour Duncan 59' on the neck position to have a bit too much attack on the bass side. Seymour Duncan Jazz on the other hand is more smooth and less aggressive. Both of them can be paired nicely with a JB in the bridge but IMO JB/Jazz is the more versatile combo than JB/59'

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