I have this post-hardcore song I have been working on, but I am kinda stuck as to what to do with it. Should I continue the interlude? Rework it? Is the song too simple? Is it worth finishing? I sometimes like it sometimes I don't. So just wondering what you guys think of it.
The intro was way too chaotic for my tastes. The verses were good, as were the first four bars of the chorus (really cool idea with that part, you should continue it throughout the chorus). The 12/8 post-chorus type thing was pretty cool as well. That being said, all the really fast parts were just way too chaotic, and weren't really pleasant to listen to.

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So it seems most of you don't like chaotic part. Does that count the second/main part of the interlude, too?
Intro - It was strange, but I found it interesting. I didn't thought it was chaotic, you can hear all the instruments and everything xD. I liked it, but I wasn't too fond of the drums there.

Verse - The build-up was strange too, and I didn't like it very much. That harmonized guitar thing sounded a bit off. The verse was good though, and I liked the bass. It's a bit chaotic though, the drums playing one thing, the guitars another, the bass another...

Chorus - Cool, nice idea. At first I found the chords strange, but now I'm used to it
The 12/8 riff is cool too.

Randomass interlude - It sure is chaotic o.o. I think that it could be used to end the song, instead of an interlude. I like it, but I think it's out of place.

Well, I didn't care too much about the fast parts, I thought they were cool. I think you should work on the bass and drums a bit more, they are sounding good, but they sound a bit off sometimes. Good song.

And if you wanna C4C, I just updated my thing
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The intro is good, not my style music but indeed it's cool. I think that bars 41-49 are good, reminds me of my friend's style which is really random and jazzy. The verse and chorus are great. I especially like the melody underlying the main verse riff, where it builds up at the beginning. That seems hard to play. The interlude is very chaotic like said. Overall you have got legit writing skills, but right now this seems more or less just an idea you jotted down real quick (although it probably took a little while to tab this out). Once you work on this a little more it could become a real solid piece judging by how it sounds. Nice job man, and thanks for your critique