My doc wants me to try Xanax and/or Adderall for a variety of "issues" I'm having these days.

Does anyone have any experience playing, learning or practicing while on these types of meds? I've heard Adderall increases focus levels in some people so this may help? I've heard that Xanax slows people down so this wouldn't help?

I self taught myself back in 07' when I joined these forums then due to my wife and a separation, I stopped playing again until now.

I've recently lost my job and am having a hard time finding a new one that pays anywhere near the same so I may be a bit depressed and the doc thinks I've got ADHD.

So .. with that being sad ... anyone on these meds .. if so, has it affected your playing at all?

Bottom line, I don't want to lose interest in playing. Now that I'm not working, I'm practicing a few hours every day and getting much more advanced at a quicker rate than I ever did .. I don't want to start taking a med and lose what I've got going .. and on the other side, if Adderall helps you focus and learn/play more .. I'd be all for it.

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Now I can't really vouch one way or the other, since I've never done these, nor do I intend to. With that said, if you use xanax to get better at guitar, aren't you losing an opportunity to get better at getting better?

I think that if you're able to focus for a long time on guitar now, without the drugs, that you probably don't need them and do not have ADHD.

However, I am not a doctor.

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Back when I was taking guitar lessons I was also taking pain killers (I was prescribed them.) I didn't have any problems with it, in fact it was much more fun. Good luck man.
Xanax functions in the brain an a GABA agonist similar to alcohol and relatively mild, it will be like playing with a drink in you, Adderall is dextroamphetamine and amphetamine (speed), and works by forcing the brain to secrete adrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin and while it can temporarily alleviate the symptoms it will ultimately over a long time make them worse and cause shrinkage of the brain. Next I'm not sure who your doctor is but, it sounds like a general practitioner, as xanax is used to reduce anxiety, and adderall is for ADHD, if you have anxiety adderall can make it worse, likewise xanax makes little sense for ADHD, ANYTIME you are considering psychoactive medication make sure you get the prescription from a licensed PSYCHIATRIST, as an M.D. has very little training on the subject and is likely just to throw pills at you.
I always felt that at my low points in life, thats when I wrote the best music. I never have ****ed around with xanax so I wouldnt know