A metal song I wrote with some killer vocals from Steklo.

Since his vocals were intended for a more dance/electro sort of tune it was my aim to bring some heaviness while also keeping the melody of the vocals. Let me know what you think!
It sounds incredible, only the drums aren't on par with the rest. The guitar and vocals are great quality but the drums could use a little work. Other than that its a pretty kick-ass song
this is something i would actually buy and listen to, if you changed a few things with the recording quality.

The drum cymbals were too loud in most parts while the kick and snare were NOT loud enough. Bring them up and the entire mix will sound better.

Also, work on your lead tone, it really doesn't have the same quality as the rhythm tones.

As for composition, this tune is just sick.
The drums need some work as said before. Sounds like the snare and kick need a compressor put on them to strengthen them up. Guitar tone is decent put I think a Lowpass is in order to cut off some in fuzz. Also, at 1:02 the rhythm guitar becomes non existent, way too low.

Vocals are solid, Lead tone isn't bad, just a bit dry. Maybe some reverb or delay to spice it up. Cymbals actually seem at an appropriate level to me. During the solo near the 3:00 mark, the Rhythm guitar once again becomes too low, yet the low end of it has presence in the palm muting sections. So I might also suggest adding a high pass and let the kick and bass drum fill in the low end from there.

Lascaille's Shroud

Progressive Cosmic Death Metal


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