Out of these do you think is the better buy:




Viper 50

Viper 100FM



It seems the difference between MH-50 and MH-53 and the M-50 and M-53 is that the 53 variant has a humbucker and two single coils as opposed to two humbuckers. Which is the better for Prog Rock to metal music like Tool and Metallica and then lighter stuff like Porcupine Tree and Muse?

Also, at the shop I'm buying from the 50 variant is more expensive than the 53... why would this be the case?
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If you don't mind a guitar styled after batman - the Viper 100FM.

I'd take the MH-53 personally.
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Haha yes, the Viper does look stupid. I think I am choosing between the M(H)s now. Speaking of looks, the Ms have a much sexier finish than the MHs, but they seem to have 2 less frets - so I guess I've narrowed it down between the MHs - unless someone has a different opinion.
The higher the digits the higher the spec, so once you've decided which body shape you like the most choose the highest spec of that model that you can afford.
MH-53 is probably best for prog. Because you'll need to get different tones from the guitar, so having both single coils and humbuckers would be nice. I'd go for that one for prog. For just metal the MH-50 would be better.
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Awesome, thanks mate. Also, seeing this is my first guitar in a while (took a break to play bass for a while - which is still my predominant and fav. instrument), would you advise against going for Floyd tremolos? I've heard they can be a pain in the backside if you're not full on guitaring.
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OK. I guess that applies to M and MH too? So MH is just higher spec than M?

MH just means it has the horizon body, (hence the H) and the M series headstock. I like the mh series. I have the 400. But the viper100 is a bit higher quality than any 50's series. Imho
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